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Should a 15 yr old w/permit own their own car or would that be pointless?
so i found an awsome deal on a great car but what i want to know is... is it pointless for a 15 yr old to own a car if they dont even have a license? I get my license in about 7 months. what do you think??wow trey you have a nice car. ur lucky!
Guess you might as well buy it and then you'll have one when you get your license.
no it makes since im 15 with my permit and have my own car that we bought. it actually helps because you practice driving in it and getting use to it so when you actually start driving it what car is it? i have an 06 honda accord coupe ex-l white automatic that is really nice.
I got my car when I got my permit at 16, I'm still 16. Just becareful of what you buy cuz I got a hunk of junk. Please do not buy vw.
Yes. You'll be more responsible with it.
i think you should get it. i got my mazda CX-7 a month after i got my permit and i still don't have my license hahai'm still only 16
NO.in today's economy, it's a BUYERS market. Its only going to get even worse.Prices are falling down, and contiually are going to fall down because of the low auto sales. What seems like a good deal now, you could probably get the same car for even cheaper 6 months later.Save the money and keep on the lookout, plus you really don't want to buy the car until you absolutely need it- theres no saying if something might happen inbetween thengood luck!
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