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what is a site where i can buy legit Rx7 parts?
i have a 1993 mazda rx7, but i cant seem to find simple parts for it like intake manifolds, header, and main thing i want is a single turbo covert kit! please if you could help me.. thanks
Ask the manufacturer, dealership, or auto parts store. They might point you in a good direction.
Try this site:http://www.rx7world.com/rx7/modules.php?name=Shopping_CartIt seems that you and I have a similar problem, while mine is an older model, it is not old enough yet to be picked up by Black Dragon and the like- yet.
Check out http://www.rx7club.com/ its not 100% guarantee but you never know what you may find in the for sale section. Go to near the bottom and find the location nearest you and go into that forum, there will be a local for sale forum there. There may even be a global for sale forum once you register, but I am not 100% on that.
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