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What is the best color for this car?
I'm thinking of getting one of the new Mazda2 Neo's. Here are photos of all the available colours, i have no idea which one to get. Please help (:

http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/77...?width=265    (BRILLIANT BLACK)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/93...?width=265    (METROPOLITAN GREY)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/11...?width=265   (HIGHLIGHT SILVER)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/85...?width=265    (COOL WHITE)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/11...?width=265   (BURGUNDY RED)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/77...?width=265     (TRUE RED)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/85...?width=265     (SPIRITED GREEN)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/44...?width=265     (AURORA BLUE)
http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/11...?width=265   (AQUATIC BLUE)

I heard that black is a bad idea because scratches and dents show up really clearly, and of course it gets hot easy. I love the green, but i think it might be a bit too bright... i have no idea haha they're all so cute Tongue Please help mee (:Thanks (:ill be paying cash (: no chance ill be borrowing any money, dont want to start getting into debt yet haha
I rekon it would be awesome in yellow :-) cheers
I think the dark gray one is SEXY
are you paying cash or borrowing? You are a lot better off buying a car in cash, if you can't afford a new one, buy used. Don't let the man keep you in debt.
For me, the metropolitan grey or the burgundy red.
go with this colour http://liveimages.carsales.com.au/cil/93… (METROPOLITAN GREY)
At least in those photos, I like the burgundy, black and white. I typically like green, but not that shade. By the way, doesn't the white look kind of like a Schmoo? http://www.bbemuseum.com/museum/images/shmoo.jpg
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