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What would make my car die when it is cold out?
Hi. I have a Mazda Tribute 2001. When it is cold outside if I don't have the car run with everything off for at least a half hour the battery light will come on when I drive it and the car will die. I have had the alternator, the battery and the starter tested and they are fine. One thing I should mention is I have had problems with the wiring since the beginning but I did have the wiring harness replaced. Anyone have the same problem or an idea what the problem is? Many Thanks!!
It can be a bad battery cable or a vacuum line.
make sure all connections are good such as simply the battery cables. any kind of voltage drop in the starting charging systems can cause the problem your having. also do you have any additional accesories installed? these can contribute also. it basically sounds like your charging system is not keeping up with the demands you are placing on the vehicle. remember all of those fancy gadgets your car has tax the system but should not cause the condition. although the demands are very high during very cold conditions.
the throttle position sensor can cause that too.
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