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What do you view as the greatest future challenge facing the Mazda Brand?
What do you view as the greatest future challenge facing the Mazda Brand?
Seriously!Where do you really expect to go after Zoom Zoom???
While I love Fords, I think not letting Ford drag it under is the greatest challenge.Just look at what GM did to Toyota. Instead of learning from the them, GM made Toyota do it their way. As a result Toyota no longer is the quality car it once was. I know as I had a 1970 Corolla and loved it. But by the time I went to replace it Toyota was not the value it once was.The same thing can happen to Mazda. While Ford has learned a lot from them, if Ford continues to sap money away from them, Mazda will suffer.
Same as all the Ford Brands.Theyre all making rebadges now.The Mazda6 took from the Mondeo, then was used to create the Fusion and Milan.The Edge and the Mazda crossover are nearly identical.The B series is a rebadged rangerThe Mariner, Escape, and the Mazda Tribute are all the same car.The Mazda 3 is built on the Volvo S40 which is built on the Euro Focus.The only reason to buy from one of them over the other is price, so in essence they are forcing you to bargin shop between them to get the best deal. Instead of selling you on features, each dealership has to undercut other dealerships whose money goes to the same place. Rebadging saves money up front, but in the long run it creates competition where it shouldnt be and keeps the companies from competing with other vehicles.__Edit: Mazda version of the Edge is the CX-7, couldnt remember the name earlier.
Show is right. Almost all Mazda's (except the Miata and RX-8) are the same as a Ford. The biggest challenge will be be keeping Mazda's sportier handling traits.Team - What are you talking about? GM doesn't own Toyota. They share a few cars (Corolla/Prism, Matrix/Vibe, Cavalier) and a GM plant (NUMMI) together but that's it. GM didn't tell Toyota to cut corners on quality.
Yep, keeping Ford from putting a cap on Mazda's inovation and break-the-mold styling.Even though Ford, Mazda, and Volvo share platforms/componets for most models, Ford needs to keep different personalities for the cars that reflect the different brand images to keep them from becoming too similar.
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