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Starter car??
Mazda 3 hatchback or Audi A3? Please state your reasons. Thanks.
keep this in mind the price of parts and the cars reliability
Audi A3 looks better.
i would say audi just because it has a reputation for being reliable. but you also have to factor in gas mileage which is more important these days than ever. and because its a starter car, ill assume theyre not brand new, so which car is newer? it depends on all these things, but id say audi.
A3 it is a much reliable car and mazdas are not very goodA3 is also safer and it looks better
Mazda 3 because it is cheaper to maintain, cheaper on insurance and uses regular gas, while the Audi uses premium gas.
audi a3 better car in everything except price, oh and i assume your talking about the regular mazda3 not the speed3 because the speed3 is a great car even almost as good as tye audi a3 but even faster and cheaper
depends on what you want... power gains ect. mods for the audi are very very expensive, however you are turbo charged (given you get the fwd 2.0 T) which is somewhat more "bang for your buck." I love audi, so I'm just going to say get an audi or GTI.
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