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What is the best new car for a 21 year old girl?
i would say chevy cobalt
1 word: Cobalt1 website:http://chevy.com/cobalt
Go with a foreign car, they are reliable and last forever. A Honda, Nissan or Toyota would be great. Mazda's are great cars too. Your best bet would be to go on to consumerreports.org. They test all new cars and used cars, letting you know all the pros and cons, problem areas, etc. Good Luck!
1. 2007 Honda Accord Sedan2. 2007 Honda Civic Sedan3. 2007 Nissan Altima4. 2007 Nissan Sentra5. 2007 Toyota CorrolaTHE REST ARE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME ESPECIALLY THE FORDS.
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